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Chater Junior School

Head Boy & Head Girl

Many congratulations to Sashini 6F on becoming our first ever head girl, we were impressed with the thought she had given to how to improve school. Our new head boy is Esa 6F - his wonderful confidence as a presenter really stole the show.

A message from our new head boy and head girl

Head Girl:
Hello my name is Sashini. I am proud to be the first EVER head girl in our school and I will set a very good example to future head girls and boys. The three words that best describe me are fun, positive and thoughtful. I chose these words because I always try to be positive especially when things are difficult. Also, I will cheer people up when they are feeling sad. I am very thoughtful because I think carefully before I do anything. In this very important role I will use my leadership skills and ideas to make Chater an amazing school.

Head Boy:
Hello my name is Esa and I am very excited to be the new head boy because I have lots of ideas to make Chater an even better school. The three words that best describe me are caring, fearless, and friendly. I am a very sociable person and am well liked in our school. I have had an amazing time at Chater and now it is my turn to give something back to our school.